A Journey to Redeeming your Core Values

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This guidebook was invaluable in helping me unpack who I am and what I truly care about.

Adam Antoniewicz, Vice President Men's Marketing, Nike

Restored Leadership
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I like this Guidebook and its simple, clean articulation and framing. Quite effective.

Sajan George, Managing Partner, Praxis

Our guidebook will help you unearth your Core Values to live with more authenticity, confidence and joy

Embody your
Core Values

As a leader, you intend to live your life with thoughtfulness and care. But daily pressures at work, home and community keep preventing you from moving forward. The Restored Leadership guidebook will carry you through 3 simple sections so that you can uncover your Core Values. Go through this guide thoughtfully at your own pace, so that you and those entrusted to your care can receive the best version of yourself.

3 stages of the Restored Leadership guidebook

Redeem your Core

REDEEM your core

Your Core Values are the undeniable truths that reflect how you see yourself and make sense of the world. They are your greatest asset, helping you lead with authenticity, confidence and joy.

The guide helps you identify your Core Values through simple, reflective questions.

Protect your Core

PROTECT your core

To protect your Core, you must develop rhythms of rest. Practice creating margin in your schedule to slow down, avoid burnout and spend intentional time with your Core Values.

With this guide, you’ll learn to use a 5-minute plan that helps you protect your Core Values when it matters most.


LIVE your core

When you consciously allow your Core Values to guide your conversations and thought processes, your character shines. And as a result, you make confident decisions without fear of the opinions of others.

The last section of the guidebook will teach you how to incorporate your Core Values into daily conversation, so that those you lead can experience you authentically.