Connect with a co-mentor

Enjoy a mutual growth opportunity where you speak into a leader’s life and they speak into yours.

The roles of mentors and coaches

A mentor listens to your challenges and pours in wisdom gleaned from their own experience. 

A coach hosts conversations that pull out imagination and new awareness.

The TRL co-mentoring experience connects you with other leaders on the TRL leadership development journey to enjoy a mutual mentoring relationship.


Developing meaningful relationships is often hard to prioritise.

We help facilitate

The Restored Leader Community is committed to growing together as co-mentors, intentionally creating an authentic community of honest conversations – always supported by grace – in the pursuit of becoming Restored Leaders.

Relationship Dynamics

These four relationship dynamics of co-mentoring need to be identified when entering a new co-mentoring season.

The first two are foundational.

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What are some qualities that my mentor possesses that I aspire to?



What do I hope to see change in my leadership at home, work and community?

The next two help the relationship deepen.

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Identify how you want your mentor to listen and give feedback.



How do you want your mentor to keep you focused throughout the season?

What to expect

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Meet your co-mentor


Design your 1:1 sessions


Experience a new form of leadership formation

Co-mentoring Schedule

During weekly 1-hour calls with your co-mentor, you’ll empower one another through clearly defined, self-directed content you’ll receive.

Week 1:

Meet and review the Co-mentoring Vision. Decide the dates and times of your subsequent meetings for the next 8 weeks.

Week 2 and 3:

Share your stories, specific to the themes you want to receive mentoring in.

Weeks 4 -7:

Co-mentor each other on themes you identify.

Week 8:

Review your journey.

A mutual conversation

At The Restored Leader, we believe that we are called to live and work together in community. We recognize our kinship and our need for relationships that are mutually beneficial – one person encourages the other and that person in-turn responds with encouragement. These co-mentoring experiences aren’t a cheer session, but they’re designed to be a safe place where you can explore topics with another leader who is also on their own path to leadership formation. We want both parties to benefit.

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Ready to become a better version of yourself while you help someone else do the same?

Co-mentoring invites you to empower others with your resources – time, talent and wisdom. These conversations are intentional, honest and grace-filled. You’ll have the opportunity to share each other’s challenges and successes in leading at home, work and community. The accountability of a mentor will bring new awareness that inspires authentic action.

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Be challenged
Work toward change
Turn the tide on exhaustion

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