Darren Ho

Leadership Roles

Disciple of Christ / Husband / Father / Friend / Founder / Professional Coach Committed Member as Neighbor / Faith Community / International School of Indiana

Darren Ho's Bio

Originally from the Los Angeles area, Darren comes from generations of frontier people originating in Southeast Asia.

Currently, he and his wife, Steffanie, and their three children, Lauren, Colson, and Raegan, reside in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Ho Family is grateful to have been fully embedded in the Indy community since 2021. Before that, they lived in Asia and Europe for 12 years and are passionate American global citizens.

When you meet Darren, you’ll immediately experience his authenticity: he loves being with people. His ability to host a conversation and allow for honest dialogue creates fascinating discussions for everyone involved. He’s a full-time home barista and enjoys tasting about 2 cups of coffee a day. Darren would say he’s getting increasingly better at stewarding time and enjoys spending as much of it with his wife and kids creating experiences and memories that they can look back upon to appreciate the wonderful blessings of life.

Core Value: Faithfulness 

Darren defines his Core Value as:

Faithfulness – Going beyond belief, faith is given to me to steward in the honest judgment of myself, living out the image of Christ that God had intended for me.

Psalm 119:29-30 / Romans 10:17, 12:3 / Hebrews 11:1


Open to Mentor On…

  • Home: Designing the culture of your family
  • Work: Starting a Business / Being known for rest
  • Community: Cultivating hospitality / Tasting and Brewing Coffee

Open to Be Mentoring On…

  • Home: Pre Teen Parenting
  • Work: Building Successful Partnerships
  • Community: Transforming neighborhoods

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