Katie Lantukh

Leadership Roles

Wife, Mother, Founder, Community group leader

Katie's Bio

Katie helps leaders develop the message for their brand that serves as the foundation for their marketing efforts. She founded Murphy Marketing in 2017 where she and her team work with leaders from small to medium-sized businesses to articulate their story in a way that helps attract the right-fit customers.

Core Values: Connection and Curiosity 

Katie defines these as: 

Connection: Walking with Jesus and seeking to develop meaningful relationships with others 

Curiosity: Having an ongoing desire to learn 

Katie, her husband, Vasily, and their two children live in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Together, Katie and Vasily lead a community group, work from home, and enjoy road trips.

Open to Mentor On…

  • Home: Designing vacations that feel restful to everyone 
  • Work: Authentic networking 
  • Community: Leading a small group

Open to Be Mentoring On…

  • Home: Sabbath practices with young children 
  • Work: Identifying a niche audience 
  • Community: Simplifying hospitality

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