Forming the Leadership Character of you
and your venture

Helping everyone entrusted to your care become more authentic, confident and joyful.

Leading yourself and your organization can present constant pressures

Striving to be a better leader can feel overwhelming. You’re excited about new opportunities, but simultaneously trapped by unhealthy narratives and habits.  You face pressures to perform that cause you to compromise truth. You want to lead well, but it feels impossible to make it all happen.

Those entrusted to your care deserve the best version of you – and so do you.
Redeem your Core

Redeem your Core

Uncover your unique wiring as you articulate your Core Values.

Protect your Core

Protect your Core

Learn how to avoid burnout by developing rhythms of resting well.

Protect your Core
Live your Core

Live your Core

Develop ways to practically integrate your Core Values in your daily life.

Coaching that ignites transformation


94% of Restored Leaders report they are more confident in their decision-making. 


100% of Restored Leaders report they experience success in their leadership coaching. 


88% of Restored Leaders report experiencing more joy at home or at work.


97% of Restored Leaders recommend coaching to their friends, family and teams.

Lead Restored

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Embody Restoration

Set out on the path toward becoming the best leader you can imagine you and those entrusted to your care.


97% of clients recommend Restored Leader coaching to their friends, family and teams.

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Redeeming your authentic leadership story.

At The Restored Leader, we know that you want to feel authentic, confident, and joyful in your leadership. In order to do that, you need tools that will help you uncover and redeem the values that are at the very core of who you are. The problem is, you have daily pressures at work, home, and in your community, which leaves you feeling like you’re chasing after the wind – every time you try to prioritise focusing on your leadership development, something else comes up. You feel like there’s no extra time to invest in your leadership formation.
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Be challenged
Work toward change
Turn the tide on exhaustion

Leaders that Pursued the Journey

“Throughout my coaching journey with The Restored Leader I realized I have not only the authority, but also the responsibility to shape the team in a way that allows me to lead with passion.”
Scott Pothoven​
Private Wealth Advisor, Ronald Blue Trust