Thrive as a family by living your Core Values

We help families flourish by becoming more authentic, unified and joyful.

The Dyer Family

Authentic community is challenging to find

We know how difficult it is to feel like you’re the only person trying to live differently. It’s increasingly lonely to feel like no one is standing with your family as you seek transformation.
We believe every family should be able to experience the thriving that comes when they’re able to think and live restoratively in a supportive community.

The path to flourishing

Try coaching

Schedule a complimentary 45-minute session to meet your coach and see if this format of coaching is a good fit for your family.

Choose your dates

Design the calendar for your sessions.

Enjoy unity in your family

Be the family in your community that represents hope, joy and love.


We invite you to commit to 6 sessions to be completed within 3 months. You can spread them out however your schedule allows.

Yes. We’ll do work together during our sessions and then I’ll “assign” some additional reading or things to discuss between sessions.

Download the Getting to the Core Guidebook

Begin to uncover your family's Core Values today

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