Ben Cooper

Finance Coach

Ben Cooper serves as the Finance Coach for The Restored Leader, where he comes alongside leaders to align their current business decisions with the long-term goals they’ve been called to.

Ben is the founder of Amplify, an organization that provides financial growth advisory to small businesses who need support as they consider how today’s decisions may impact their future.

Ben is also the founder and host of Forecast On Purpose, a podcast that helps owners create a clear and compelling roadmap for the future.

Core Values: Curiosity and Stewardship

Ben defines his Core Values:

Curiosity – A willingness to ask important questions and pull threads in a way that sheds light on what I and others care about most.

Stewardship – Intentionally caring for what God has entrusted and equipped me with in all areas – time, money, skills, relationships, and more.

Ben has an MBA in Entrepreneurship from Acton School of Business, is a certified Fathom guide, and a member of the Indianapolis Praxis Guild. His training and involvement in these spheres has uniquely equipped him to understand small businesses, provide professional forecasting, and maintain a sense of purpose in the midst of it all.

Ben lives in Indianapolis with his wife Brittany and their four kiddos.