Become a Restored Leader Coach

Apprenticeship for leaders who desire to become successful coaches
You’re ready to become confident in your unique coaching approach and pursuit of transformation with your clients

What Makes This Apprenticeship Unique

Your Unique Story

The Restored Leader is committed to helping clients uncover their Core Values – the undeniable truths that reflect how you see yourself and make sense of the world. The beginning of the apprenticeship will focus on your personal journey of redeeming, protecting, and finally living out your Core in your own life.

Contextual Learning

This apprenticeship positions you to learn, coach and receive immediate feedback from Restored Leader's founder, Darren Ho. He'll guide, coach and mentor you to form a more authentic, confident and joyful coach in you.

Your Client Success

Finding AND retaining clients that are the right fit for your practice is one of the most challenging aspects of coaching. The work of defining your Core Values in collaboration with TRL will teach you how to seek out and maintain relationship with clients you want to serve.

Learn, Coach, and Get Immediate Feedback

Darren will guide you through our Foundations framework in a series of 1:1 coaching sessions. You will then guide your own coaching client through the same sessions, and receive mentor-coaching from Darren throughout the process.

Coaching Phase 1:

Your Current Story

During this first session, we’ll define leadership and assess your specific leadership context.

Coaching Phase 2:

Redeeming the Core

You and your coach will peel back the layers to uncover your unique Core Values.

Coaching Phase 3:

Protecting the Core

We’ll explore the concept of rest and how it affects your leadership and your Core Values.

Coaching Phase 4:

Living the Core

We’ll dive into the different challenges that you face as a leader and how you can live your Core Values practically in each.

Coaching Phase 5:

Assess Core Skills

We’ll assess your current reality and who you want to become in your leadership. We’ll identify and discuss the core skills needed to close that gap.

Coaching Phase 6:

Create Your Unique Leadership Development Plan

Alongside your coach, you’ll design your unique leadership development plan that will guide you well beyond your coaching season.

Capstone: The Restored Leader Licensing

Download PDF What it’s like – how it might work

How To Get Started

Preview the Curriculum

The apprenticeship is built around TRL’s Foundations curriculum. This is a great place to begin assessing how your needs as a coach line up with The Restored Leader.

Schedule a Call with Darren Ho

Every leader’s journey and circumstances are unique. A conversation is the best way to understand where you are and where you want to go, so that we can help you design the path forward with your coaching practice.

Start Your Training

Meet regularly over three months with your mentor-coach as you work through Foundations and begin making important decisions about your coaching practice, from defining your Core Values to pricing your services.


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"If you're going to soar in your passion, there are certain investments you need to make. For me, TRL Coaching Certification was a worthwhile investment because it took me to a whole new level of coaching in my role than what I'd done in the past. The TRL approach is focused on character, and the apprenticeship is primed for existing coaches to add that focus to their toolbox."
Doug Grasso, ACC
Vice President, Precision Value & Health Commercial Operations
Bobby Barbour
"The TRL certification is a great way to get your foot in the door, but more importantly, it provides a community of people on the same journey. Being a coach can get lonely, and you quickly learn that you can't go it alone and be successful. All of the training and resources are great, but the relational connections TRL provides have made the biggest difference for me as a coach."
Bobby Barbour
Founder, Barbour Coaching

Pursue Successful Coaching By Increasing Confidence In Your:

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Management Conversations

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Authentic Coaching Approach

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Greater Personal Impact


Building Stronger Relationships