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You’re juggling so many decisions, you dream of a system that wil help you confidently face challenges without compromising your Core Values.
1:1 coaching
1: 1
Twelve month Journey
Starting at $14,000 investment

Built for unfolding leadership

Your idea has become a quest. Now you’re ready to grow yourself to grow your venture.


Clear strategic planning

Leadership coaching helps entrepreneurs see beyond their daily task list in order to strategically think about their business and culture in a new way. You’ve always wanted to “do things differently,” and you now have a chance to name your desires and put plans into motion.


Grow without compromise

Leadership coaching creates space for you to finally stop striving. Your coach will guide you to name what matters so that you can carve out time to focus on what you value most – at home, at work and in your community. ​


Build on more than revenue targets

You deeply desire to do things “the right way.” Uncover your Core Values through coaching and align your business strategy, operations and culture as you build a venture that you’re proud of.

What makes
The Restored Leader unique

Redeem your Core

Redeem your core

Your Core Values are the undeniable truths that reflect how you see yourself and make sense of the world. They are your greatest asset, helping you lead with authenticity, confidence and joy.

Protect your Core

Protect your core

To protect your Core, you must develop rhythms of rest. Practice creating margin in your schedule to slow down, avoid burnout and spend intentional time with your Core Values.


Live your core

When you consciously allow your Core Values to guide your conversations and thought processes, your character shines. And as a result, you make confident decisions without fear of the opinions of others.

How to get started

Experience Coaching

Enjoy a complimentary 45-min coaching session to help select your coach and define your intentions for leadership development.

Design your plan

Every leader’s journey and circumstances are unique. We want to understand where you are and where you want to go, so that we can help you design the path forward through coaching.

Start your journey

Meet regularly with your leadership coach to get the guidance, encouragement and feedback you need to become the best leader you can be - a restored leader.

Leaders that Pursued the Journey

david block
“Working with Darren, my TRL Coach has given me tools and a vision for being not just a better CEO, but a better husband, father, and friend. I defined increasing peace and joy as the coaching outcome I would aim for. In our time together, I discovered and defined my deepest Core Values and put systems and processes in place to protect and live out my Core Values to maximize for peace and joy. I can't recommend working with The Restored Leader enough."
David Block
CEO & Founder Previnex

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