About us

Out team is formed through our unique stories.  

Our Common Core Values

Intentional 1

Every conversation is a new opportunity for self-awareness.


Every conversation is an opportunity to observe truth.

Grace 2

Every conversation is a gift and an opportunity to share gratitude.

About The Restored Leader

We want to help leaders become more authentic, confident and joyful.

We know the effort that it takes to put towards your leadership development. As Professional Coaches, we create a thought-provoking experience designed for clients to generate greater awareness that triggers sensible action.

Our approach to coaching is grounded in our belief that your Core Values are your greatest asset in becoming successful at work, home and in the community.

We are a global network of professional coaches and just like you, we have unique journeys of becoming authentic leaders.

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We understand ​

We know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the daily challenges of leading organizations. When left unchecked, the pressure erodes our ability to lead well.

“When I began to discover and apply the approach to leadership that we now use at TRL, I saw the indecision, anxiety and imposter syndrome melt away from my leadership,” Founder Darren Ho recalls.

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Founder and Executive Leadership Coach

Darren J. Ho empowers leaders to live without compromise by redeeming their Core Values. After 19 years in a corporate leadership role, he knows first-hand the daily pressures leaders face. Darren founded The Restored Leader – a leadership coaching firm in

Executive Leadership Coach

Howard Abe coaches Restored Leaders to uncover their Core Values and learn to live them in their life and leadership. Through his own experience, Howard has learned that whether you’re a senior executive in the C-suite or serving as a leader in an
katie lantukh

Messaging Coach

Katie Lantukh serves as the Messaging Coach for The Restored Leader where she helps develop new ways to reach more people with the unique approach of The Restored Leader. As the founder and CEO of Murphy Marketing, Katie is dedicated to helping

Finance Coach

Ben Cooper serves as the Finance Coach for The Restored Leader, where he comes alongside leaders to align their current business decisions with the long-term goals they’ve been called to.
Bobby Barbour

Executive Leadership Coach

Bobby Barbour empowers leaders in their leadership formation by helping them show up in their roles knowing who they want to be and what is most important to them.

Executive Leadership Coach

Dale Connelly spends his days learning about our clients, and what they need to succeed in leadership and life. Dale is fervent in this task because he believes that a brand matters most when it’s committed to helping people become who they were created to