Leadership Foundations

Emerging leaders: This journey is for you. You’re new to your leadership position and you imagine a day where you experience more confidence as you leverage your influence for good.

What makes The Restored Leader unique

Redeem your core

Redeem your core values are the undeniable truths that reflect how you see yourself and make sense of the world. They are your greatest asset, helping you lead with authenticity, confidence and joy.

Protect your core

To protect your core, you must develop rhythms of rest. Practice creating margin in your schedule to slow down, avoid burnout and spend intentional time with your Core Values.

Live your core

When you consciously allow your Core Values to guide your conversations and thought processes, your character shines. And as a result, you make confident decisions without fearing the opinions of others..

The Foundation Journey

Your coach will guide you through six 1:1 coaching sessions within three months, approximately two sessions per month.

Coaching Conversation 1:

Your Current Story

During this first session, we’ll define leadership and assess your specific leadership context.

Coaching Conversation 2:

Redeeming the Core

You and your coach will peel back the layers to uncover your unique Core Values.

Coaching Conversation 3:

Protecting the Core

We’ll explore the concept of rest and how it affects your leadership and your Core Values.

Coaching Conversation 4:

Living the Core

We’ll dive into the different challenges that you face as a leader and how you can live your Core Values practically in each.

Coaching Conversation 5:

Assess Core Skills

We’ll assess your current reality and who you want to become in your leadership. We’ll identify and discuss the core skills needed to close that gap.

Coaching Conversation 6:

Create your unique leadership development plan

Alongside your coach, you’ll design your unique leadership development plan that will guide you well beyond your coaching season.

How to get started

Get a coach

Schedule a meet and greet with your coach to kick things off by exploring your needs and expectations.


Begin your Onboarding for Foundations process by getting to know your coach and sharing about you leadership.

Redeem your leadership

Enjoy your sessions as you uncover your Core Values.

Leaders that Pursued the Journey

michael miller
"I feel more poised, more mature, more confident in my role as a leader, and this has translated to the other major spheres of my life -- family and community.”
Michael Miller
Director of Business Intelligence, Precision Value and Health

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