The Restored Community

Restored Leaders who believe intentional relationships with other Leaders are the best way to redeem, protect, and live their Core Values. This journey is for you.
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Be mentored

Connect with a mentor and learn from them.

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Develop a mentoring relationship built on mutual sharing.

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Develop a personal board

A personal board of directors serves as a diverse group of both mentors and co-mentors.

The Restored Community Mentorship


A mentor is someone who is proactive with their advice. They think ahead for where their mentee is going and offers instructions and lessons they’ve learned as they walked a similar path. In a standard mentor/ mentee relationship, the mentee receives this from the mentor’s generosity.


A co-mentor relationship is one where each person in the conversation receives mentoring. They each take turns offering and receiving instructions and lessons they’ve learned along the way. Both are equally pouring into the other and equally receiving the benefit of their time, talent and treasure.

Built for leadership in community

You’re eager to connect with other leaders who care about all aspects of your life – personal and professional.

Serve and be served through:


Restored Community members are intentional with their time and use it wisely for the good of the leaders they’re connected to. Time investment is mutually agreed.


A mentor’s leadership gifts make their presence invaluable. Restored Community members are devoted to sharing their unique gifts from their experience and connections.


In a Restored Community mentor relationship, you will give your resources according to your mentor’s charity or cause of choice. Restored Community members care for their mentors, and believe in the impact of shared generosity.

How We Embody Core Values in Mentorship Relationships

Redeem your Core

Redeem your Core

Your Core Values are undeniable truths that reflect how you see yourself and make sense of the world. Bringing a mentor into this journey of redemption will strengthen your own Core Values and help you grow in understanding theirs.

Protect your Core

Protect your Core

To protect your Core, you must develop rhythms of rest. Working with a mentor will help you become more honest about the way you’re pursuing rest and develop healthier rhythms for work and rest.


Live your Core

When you consciously allow your Core Values to guide your conversations and thought processes, your character shines. You can learn to make confident decisions that are consistent with your Core Values and also exist in harmony with your community.

How to connect

Meet a mentor

Find a good fit through our Mentor Profile page and connect.

Learn from your mentor

Spend time growing and learning through your mentor relationship.

Become a mentor

As you walk with your mentor, you will likely find opportunities where you can mentor your mentor in return. This mutual co-mentoring is our ultimate ambition for the Restored Community.

The roles of mentors and coaches

A mentor listens to your challenges and pours in wisdom gleaned from their own experience. 

A coach hosts conversations that pull out imagination and new awareness.

The TRL co-mentoring experience connects you with other leaders on the TRL leadership development journey to enjoy a mutual mentoring relationship.

Relationship Dynamics

These four relationship dynamics of co-mentoring need to be identified when entering a new co-mentoring season.

The first two are foundational.

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What are some qualities that my mentor possesses that I aspire to?



What do I hope to see change in my leadership at home, work and community?

The next two help the relationship deepen.

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Identify how you want your mentor to listen and give feedback.



How do you want your mentor to keep you focused throughout the season?