Leadership Formation for Executives

Leaders growing towards Executive and C-Suite roles. This Journey is for you. You long for a day when you can confidently face challenges without compromising your Core Values.

1:1 coaching
1: 1
Twelve Month Journey
Starting at $14,000 investment

Built for every facet of leadership

You’ve been leading teams and growing for years, and you’re ready to see where your leadership can take you next.


Develop the culture of your team

Living your Core Values will help you develop your team well. You’ll be able to articulate and receive feedback, make wise decisions, and create space for intentional conversations with those you lead.


Collaborating across departments

It’s often difficult to maintain cross-functional or cross-departmental unity. As you learn to live your Core Values, you’ll build rapport and trust with stakeholders and the leadership team.


Striving to achieve company goals

When you can articulate your Core Values, you’ll be a magnetic leader who can quickly build relationships with other departments and global teams. Your company will directly benefit from your clarity.

The Restored Leader Approach

Redeem your core

Your Core Values are the undeniable truths that reflect how you see yourself and make sense of the world. They are your greatest asset, helping you lead with authenticity, confidence and joy.

Protect your core

To protect your Core, you must develop rhythms of rest. Practice creating margin in your schedule to slow down, avoid burnout and spend intentional time with your Core Values.

Live your core

When you consciously allow your Core Values to guide your conversations and thought processes, your character shines. And as a result, you make confident decisions without fear of the opinions of others.

Leaders that Pursued the Journey

“Since working with The Restored Leader, I am making sure that I am in control of my time and my priorities and that I am not being driven by the fire of the day. This in turn has resulted in focusing more efficiently and trickles out to my peers and the team."
Justin Wilson
Executive Director, Syneos Health

How to get started

Get a coach

Enjoy a complimentary 45-min coaching session to help select your coach and define your intentions for leadership development.

Design your plan

Every leader’s journey and circumstances are unique. We want to understand where you are and where you want to go, so that we can help you design the path forward through coaching.

Start your journey

Meet regularly with your leadership coach to get the guidance, encouragement and feedback you need to become the best leader you can be - a restored leader.

Read the first chapter of our book, "Redeem your Core Values"

And begin your journey toward understanding and living your Core Values in every sphere of life.

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