Protect your Core Values with a Leader Retreat

Plant a flag on your Leadership Journey with a Retreat hosted by your TRL coach.



Deepen your awareness and lead transformed.

Experience hospitality
and rest

Establishing and protecting your unique rhythm of rest is foundational to your new leadership paradigm.

Discover new insights
for the journey ahead

Explore fresh ideas or discern unanswered questions over a compressed period of time that will be further unpacked with your TRL coach in the season to come.

Expect Change
to happen

Return to your organization with clear goals, renewed in your purpose and vision, ready to take immediate action and lead with more authenticity, confidence and joy.

Our Approach to Retreat

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Review our Retreat Menu and design a unique experience, rooted in your Core Values, that explores the areas most in need of your undivided attention and focus.



Review your calendar and assign dates for your Leader Retreat. If necessary, make travel accommodations.



At your Leader Retreat you’ll experience hospitality and rest that allows you to dive deep into a compressed coaching experience.

Don’t let the endless, day-to-day demands keep you from discovering more authenticity, confidence, and joy.

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I am full of gratitude reflecting back on my Leaders Retreat. I woke up the next day feeling relieved and with a greater sense of clarity about a major task I have been putting off for over a year!

Having my coach with me, literally sitting with me, helped me by challenging me to think in new ways and get it done once and for all. It feels like a massive weight was lifted and I can now go back to my team with clearer focus and lead with more confidence.
Brittany Wilson
Founder, Refresh Aesthetics

I came into my Leaders Retreat with doubts, questions, and much excitement about a possible new direction to move my company and was met with nothing but hospitality, grace, and support in my discernment.

I left with more authenticity, confidence, and joy after investing only a day. This clarity might have otherwise taken months to achieve over the natural course of a season with my TRL coach. Now, we can spend the next season that much further ahead.
John Wojtasek
Founder, Golden Eagle Creative