Plant a flag on your leadership journey.

Protect your Core Values with a Leader Retreat hosted by your TRL coach.
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Gaining new awareness requires your full attention and focus.

Unfortunately, so do all the other competing priorities you’re already juggling…

But leaving things unexplored will:

Protect your Core Values and lead differently.

Experience hospitality and rest

Establishing and protecting your unique rhythm of rest is foundational to your new leadership paradigm. Allow us to model Protecting your Core over 48-hours that can be replicated once you return home.

Discover new awareness for the journey ahead

Explore and discern fresh insights, new ideas, or unanswered questions over a compressed period of time that will be further unpacked with your TRL coach in the season to come.

Return with renewed vision for your Leadership

Return to your organization with clear goals, renewed in your purpose and vision, ready to take immediate action and lead with more authenticity, confidence and joy.

Don’t let the endless, day-to-day demands keep you from discovering more authenticity, confidence, and joy.

How it Works


1. Plan

Your Core Values are the undeniable truths that reflect how you see yourself and make sense of the world. They are your greatest asset, helping you lead with authenticity, confidence and joy.


2. Design

Review our Retreat Menu and design a unique experience, rooted in your Core Values, that explores the areas most in need of your undivided attention and focus.


3. Protect your Core Values

Attend your Leader Retreat to experience hospitality and rest that allows you to dive deep into a compressed coaching experience.

Redeeming your authentic leadership story.

At The Restored Leader, we know that you want to feel authentic, confident, and joyful in your leadership. In order to do that, you need tools that will help you uncover and redeem the values that are at the very core of who you are. The problem is, you have daily pressures at work, home, and in your community, which leaves you feeling like you’re chasing after the wind – every time you try to prioritise focusing on your leadership development, something else comes up. You feel like there’s no extra time to invest in your leadership formation.
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