Katie Lantukh

Messaging Coach

Katie Lantukh serves as the Messaging Coach for The Restored Leader where she helps develop new ways to reach more people with the unique approach of The Restored Leader. 

As the founder and CEO of Murphy Marketing, Katie is dedicated to helping brands and organizations multiply their impact. Katie leads her growing team as they help businesses wade through complicated ideas to make sure the audience understands them.  

Katie knows that effective communication depends on genuine connection, so you can find her asking all the right questions to ensure she truly hears where her clients are coming from.

Core Values: Curiosity, Courage, Unity 

Katie defines her Core Values: 

Curiosity – With a learning spirit, I seek to understand new concepts and perspectives. Knowing that ultimately, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God who gives generously to all without reproach and it will be given him.” James 1:5

Courage – I’m willing to face challenges in spite of uncertainty and I trust that, with God’s help, I have what it takes to figure it out. 

Unity – I seek to always work in concert with others, bringing our unique talents, experiences and expertise to achieve a shared goal. 


Katie received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication/ Journalism from Berry College in Rome, Georgia. She has used this foundation to gain experience in a variety of avenues and locations, from Knoxville to Los Angeles to Atlanta, where she now lives with her husband Vasily and their two children.