Three things you need to know before giving leader feedback:

STEP 1.  What makes a helpful feedback session

I like to define feedback as “Information that helps bring awareness to a leader’s development.” Feedback should not simply be a list of problems, inadequacies, or poor behavior. It should explicitly acknowledge excellence, mastery, emerging skills useful for leaders.

When someone asks for feedback, that feedback brings awareness and empowerment in contextually specific relationships.  The feedback you give should be directly related to ways you’ve experienced this leader. It shouldn’t be based on other things you’ve heard and not experienced yourself. Your feedback will help them make informed and relevant adjustments to better serve you and the organization.

STEP 2.  Schedule an Interview

Next, schedule a 30-min zoom conversation with me to discuss your reflections.

STEP 3. Take 15 mins to prepare for our interview

Before our scheduled time, take 15 minutes to reflect on the four questions below. We’ll spend our time discussing your answers together. 

1. Describe the Mission of your Organization.

2. What is YOUR EXPERIENCE of this leader:

– Describe your overall experience with this leader in 1-2 sentences.
– Describe the ways in which this leader is critical to the success of your organization’s mission?

3. What should this leader REMOVE from their leadership approach? This would be something they should stop doing because it prevents the mission’s success.

4. HOPES: What do you most desire for this leader?

After our interview conversation, I’ll compile the key themes for growth and share them with your leader as we discern the next steps in their coaching journey.

Then, your leader may reach out to you for further debriefing to help them continue in their leadership journey and to strengthen the positive working relationship you have together. I won’t record this call and I won’t share anything but the key themes. This is 30-minutes intentionally designed to receive feedback on behalf of your leader to aid in their journey to becoming a Restored Leader.

Thanks in advance for meeting with me trusting me with your time and words.